My Next Whole30 Victim

My Next Whole30 Victim

My Next Whole30 Victim … My Mom

My husband and I have seen such significant health improvements from Whole30 – better sleep, more energy, weight loss – that we have to share what we know and help others that want to try it.  My next Whole30 victim is my own mother.  

My next Whole30 victim and my son… a great combo!

This is my mom.  She loves nothing more than spending time with her grandson.  However, she has several medical conditions and less-than-optimal overall health, which impact her ability to keep up with an active two year-old.  So she has come to Florida for a couple of months to experience The Whole30 and hopefully get some positive health outcomes!  

Here is our plan…  We will start the Whole30 diet on May 1st.  Ricky and I will join along, because we could use a reset, too.  I will post our preparations before we begin and then our meal plans each week.  That way, if any of you would like to join us, you have a roadmap to follow!  Mom and I will both blog along the way, to provide our individual perspectives on how the journey is going.  

Mom is also starting on some seriously good Shaklee vitamins. They are called the Life Strip and are part of the most comprehensive nutrition system in the world.  The Life Strip contains an advanced multivitamin, B+C complex for immune health and energy, OmegaGuard Plus for heart and brain health, and Vivix for cellular health and healthy aging.  I’m probably most excited for Vivix – it contains natural polyphenols, including resveratrol, to protect and repair DNA… It is a very cool product with research to prove it.    

She is also going to take Optiflora probiotics by Shaklee, to help repair her gut.  She has a long history of immune issues and takes antibiotics regularly.  We want to strengthen her immune system, and the digestive system has a huge role to play there (say scientists, not just me).  So we want to get the good bacteria back in her digestive system and flourishing!  

If you’d like more information on our Whole30 plan or any of the products I mention during our journey, just leave me a comment or check out my Shaklee website.  I truly believe in these products and this company, and will share more about why soon!  

Disclaimer – You don’t have to have any special products or supplements to try The Whole30.  Just the desire to feel better and willingness to do a little meal planning.  Our integration of Shaklee supplements is a personal decision based on my knowledge of the company after reading MANY research papers published in peer-reviewed journals.  Shaklee is the real deal and their products can result in positive health outcomes. (Like reading journal articles? – check this site out.) It is my goal to keep my parents around as long as possible, both for me and my son, and that means improving their health with both a better diet AND Shaklee supplements!  Lastly, we respect modern medicine and the amazing medical professionals that have gotten my mom this far, so we absolutely consulted her doctor before beginning this plan.

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