Getting Through Week 2

Getting Through Week 2

Getting Through Week 2!

So the past few days have been tough ones, even for someone not going through this for the first time.  So much cooking!!!  But we are getting through week 2!

Debra’s Thoughts

We’ve been trying new recipes with mixed results. The Plantain Hash that Hunter made was delicious. However, the Broccoli Chicken Casserole I made had mixed reviews. I added more liquid to cover all ingredients. But then, it had to bake longer so the broccoli was mush and it needed a more seasoning. I’ll keep trying!  It took me most of this afternoon to make it, too. You should see how fast Hunter can put together a meal, especially the chopping! I couldn’t do this without her expertise in finding recipes and cooking so much for us. It’s nice to have your own personal chef! 🙂

Mother’s Day was a true celebration with family. We lazed around watching my grandson play in the backyard and enjoying the great spring weather. My son-in-law even cooked supper for us! I treated myself to a new rocker/recliner for my room. When I feel grumpy I can retreat to my chair and veg. (Being retired I have that luxury.) My congrats to all of you who are balancing a family and a job with this new eating plan.

So far energy has still been hard to find. I can’t wait to get to “Tiger Blood” week. I’m staying focused on my goal of improved health and quality of life. So for now, I’ll continue to say NO to Krispy Kreme.

Hunter’s Ramblings

Woohoo!  We made it past day 11 and are almost done with Week 2.  I drastically underestimated how long fully-developed meal plans would take me to compile and share.  (Who needs sleep?  Me…  I’m evidently old now.)  Just so you guys know, we ate a lot of sauteed chicken and steamed veggies the first time we did the Whole30.  So if you feel like there are too many recipes, feel free to skip one and grill a chicken breast and some veggies one night.  We had to do it this week – no cauliflower fried rice for us!  Luckily, we had a ton of leftovers.

Next week, I am bringing back a couple of favorites from Week 1 and introducing a couple that I have been wanting to try for a while.  So keep cursing me under your breath and eating compliant meals.  Next week, things get better!

2 thoughts on “Getting Through Week 2

  1. Is feeling less than energetic still normal in week 2? My running is so laboured – I feel like it should be getting easier, but my muscles fatigue very quickly.

    1. Yes. My energy levels didn’t return until Week 3 (and I didn’t work out at all the first time, so we were just on the couch like lumps, tired and cranky). Your body is still adjusting and learning how to gain sufficient energy from this new balance of foods. Week 3 should be much better!

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