Whole30 Meal Plan – Week 3

Whole30 Meal Plan – Week 3

Whole30 Meal Plan – Week 3

Half way done!!!  I’ll start some repeat recipes this week, because I have some that I really like (and my family really likes).  Plus, you’ll be more comfortable with them because you have made them before!  

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Sunday, 5/15 Kitchen Sink Omelet with fruit Paleo Taco Salad** (I’m using ground turkey.) Citrus Herb Roasted Chicken with Carrots and steamed green beans (recipe calls for oranges, I prefer lemons)
Monday, 5/16 Easy Breakfast Casserole* with a side of fruit Spicy Tuna Cakes with raw veggies and ranch (or other dip) World’s Best Braised Cabbage [Just heat it up, if you made it yesterday!]
Tuesday, 5/17 Bacon Butternut Squash Quiche with sliced avocado Hard boiled eggs or other protein on top of a salad with lots of veggies Super Porktastic Meatloaf with sauteed broccolini (or other veggie of your choice)
Wednesday, 5/18 Easy Breakfast Casserole with a side of fruit Leftovers!   Broiled Salmon with roasted veggies (We’ll use carrots, brussel sprouts, cauliflower.)
Thursday, 5/19 Bacon Butternut Squash Quiche with sliced avocado Spicy Tuna Cakes with raw veggies and ranch (or other dip) Buffalo Chicken Casserole with steamed green beans (So excited for this one!)
Friday, 5/20 Chia Pudding with Blackberries, Coconut and Pistachios (omit the vanilla extract) Leftovers! Steak with baked sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli [Bake extra sweet potatoes for breakfast tomorrow!]
Saturday, 5/21 Twice-baked Breakfast Sweet Potatoes Hard boiled eggs or other protein on top of a salad with lots of veggies Cilantro Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry

*I’m going to try and make my own breakfast sausage again this week!  Here is the recipe I’m using.  You’ll need to make your own or buy compliant sausage to make the Easy Paleo Breakfast Casserole on Sunday!  

** The dressing for this salad is essentially mayo with lime and garlic added.  I’m going to just add lime juice and garlic powder to my already-made mayo.  Easy peasy.  

Shopping List & Preparation Guide – Here are the Shopping List & the Preparation Guide for the Week 3 Meal Plan.

Snacks – We picked blueberries last weekend so have eating a TON of those this week.  This week, my mission is to find some compliant jerky!  


Kitchen Sink Omelet – I need an easy breakfast on Sunday because I’m going to be prepping for the week, in addition to cooking lunch and dinner.  Lots of kitchen time today!  By this time in Whole30, I have random leftovers in the refrigerator.  I make an omelet and throw them in.  If you don’t have stuff, throw in some spinach, mushrooms, peppers and onions.  And garlic powder.  Or whatever else floats your compliant boat.  🙂  

Roasted Veggies – All I do is cut up veggies, toss them in olive oil and salt, and roast at 425F until tender, stirring a couple of times while cooking.  

Steak – We don’t skimp on our steaks.  We like a good grass-fed ribeye, if we can find them.  Otherwise, we tend to go to Fresh Market and get what looks good!  Cook it as you like it.  We cook ours in a pan on the stovetop in clarified butter.  Ricky is getting really good at getting them just right version of medium-rare for both of us.  So fry it or grill it, but enjoy a steak dinner!

Baked Sweet Potatoes – Wash sweet potatoes and then poke holes in them several times with a fork.  Place them on an aluminum foil wrapped baking sheet and cook at 375F for 20 minutes.  Flip them over and cook for another 20-30 minutes depending on their size.

Comment if you’ve got questions or feedback on how it’s going!  

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