Our Whole30 Journey – Week 3

Our Whole30 Journey – Week 3

Our Whole30 Journey – Week 3

Debra’s Thoughts

Have any of you found “Tiger Blood” yet? I’m still waiting for my body to get its act together. I had a couple of flare ups with existing medical problems that made the week tough going for me. I’ve managed to stay with the plan, skipping a few full meals. Almond butter with bananas, almond butter with apple slices, almond butter with celery–see my snack patterns. I’m also trying different Larabars and haven’t found one yet that I don’t like. Essential staples like hard boiled eggs with fresh veggies (I love tomatoes of all sizes), bacon and eggs, tuna with mayo and celery, and sardines with a salad are great fall back menus when things get complicated.

My two favorite meals were Citrus Roasted Chicken and Buffalo Chicken Casserole. Although I enjoy spicy food very much, the casserole was not a family favorite. More leftovers for me!  However, there were no leftovers from the roasted chicken. 🙁 The Braised Cabbage was missing some herbs and the corned beef, of course.

One more week to prepare for the rest of my life. I’m starting a notebook of menus, where to find the compliant products, and resource materials (particularly online sources). Hunter will remain my greatest resource and encourager. A plan close to the Whole30 will be part of my new lifestyle as I enjoy my retirement and watch my grandson grow up. 🙂 

Hunter’s Ramblings

Meal prep gets easier…  Or maybe I have more energy this week.  I cranked out a TON of meal prep in about three hours last night to get ready for Week 4.  Salmon cakes, mini frittatas, mayo, ranch, clarified butter, and I cleaned out the refrigerator.  I was on a roll… let’s hope it makes the week easier.

We had some recipe fails in our household during Week 3 – the meatloaf, the braised cabbage (I don’t know what I was thinking… cabbage? I mistakenly believed the internet hype.), and we didn’t even get to try the stir fry.  So y’all will have to let me know if it was a hit.  But the Citrus Roasted Chicken was probably the best one I’ve ever made.  I’m salivating thinking about it right now.  

I purposely made this week’s meal plan a little simpler and returned to some tried and true household staples.  It’s a busy week for me, as I have to travel.  Plus, I get a little carried away with variety sometimes and forget to make the favorites!  The Whole30 doesn’t have to be all cooking, all the time, either.  You can take a simpler approach.  Check out the Lazy Girl’s Guide to the Whole30 for another perspective.

I hope those of you following along are seeing some results and planning for the most important phase – Reintroduction!  It’s when you find out how some foods really affects you, while you have this nice, 30-day clean slate.  Just over a week away!  

Happy Whole30-ing!  

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