Our Whole30 Journey – Day 30

Our Whole30 Journey – Day 30

Our Whole30 Journey – Day 30

Debra’s Thoughts

CELEBRATE! We made it. There were days I wasn’t so sure I would, but those feelings make success even more enjoyable.  The last week was easier and I had more energy. My clothes are fitting looser, so I treated myself with a little shopping at Memorial Day sales. Just a short while ago I would have celebrated by overeating and a sumptuous dessert. Although I had some thoughts about treats I missed, I am proud of my decision to adopt this new way of living.

Tomorrow I begin reintroduction with legumes. Each meal has a treat in store – hummus and edamame – yum!  Then two days on Whole30 followed by a day of food treats. What a good plan to encourage you to stick with it. Friday I even get to have sushi–a real treat for me. Figuring out what affects you is the key to tailoring the plan for the long term. I have already seen some positive health changes and I want those to continue. When I go for my next doctors’ appointments over the next few months I hope to be able to cut back or completely eliminate some medications entirely.

I could not have made this journey without my daughter. She will continue to guide me through the next few weeks. Take time to pat yourself on the back and listen carefully to your body. Pick foods you really like to reintroduce. Those could be a great help in menu planning for later this month. Now sing, dance, whistle, or spin in circles like my grandson!  Anything to celebrate your journey.

Hunter’s Ramblings

Woohoo!  We made it through another Whole30!  I hope that you have seen some results, whether they are scale-related or not.  Perhaps you have less cravings or realize that the world won’t end if you don’t have cheese everyday.  🙂  Or you simply have more energy and realize there are really good, real food options out there that you can integrate into your daily diet.  Whatever the victory, I hope you feel it is worth it.  And I also hope you are sticking with some sort of reintroduction plan.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to capitalize on the blank slate you have right now to test food effects.  

We are doing a fairly traditional reintroduction with mom – one new category, then two days back to Whole30.  Ricky and I really already know what our weak spots are, and are actually taking a few days away alone, so will not be doing a formal routine.  I will, however, be introducing a new type of protein shake next week – Shaklee Life Shakes, non-soy formula.  I love having at least one Shaklee Life shake a day when I’m not on Whole30.  They are easy, really tasty, and an amazing source of nutrition for my fast-paced life.  I also really like to share them with my son, as there are days he isn’t so great at eating veggies.  Or meat.  Or anything that is not fruit or dried fruit.  🙂  Gotta love toddler-hood.  

So keep it up and stay tuned for my mom’s post next week about what she learns during reintroduction and what her Whole30 victories are!  

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