Mom’s Reintroduction Results… Part 1

Mom’s Reintroduction Results… Part 1

Mom’s Reintroduction Results… Part 1

Debra’s Thoughts

Finally!  After 30 days of this new, strict way of eating, I finally get to the part where I learn how the eliminated foods affect me. My results from the first week of Reintroduction were a a bit of a mixed bag.  Some impacts were REALLY obvious, and others not so much. But all of this info gets filed away in my head, so I know how I will feel after making food choices in the future.  

On legumes day, I enjoyed a lot of hummus with veggies and two healthy servings of edamame, as a side for dinner and as a snack. Unfortunately that night I had swelling in my feet, legs and hands. It was also very hot that day so I’m not sure which contributed most to the fluid buildup.  But as soon as I went back to Whole30, the swelling went away. Hmmm.  I’m planning to try again with legumes later to see if I get the same results.

On Friday, I got to try non-gluten grains. I’ve really been looking forward to this day. Real oatmeal, guacamole with corn chips, and my favorite sushi – two whole rolls. No unfavorable results from these treats. Yeah! I love rice in any form and look forward to adding new items back into my menus.

I’ve also noticed several positive health changes. My blood pressure readings have been consistently lower, sometimes enough for me to feel a little light headed. I’m on medication for high blood pressure, so will ask the doctor in July about adjusting it.  I have had less pain from arthritis.  It is much easier to get on the floor to play with my grandson and get back up. I’m even comfortable sitting in a yoga position, so my joints are more flexible without pain.  And perhaps most notably, chronic bronchitis and sinusitis have been part of my life for a long time. I’m so happy to report I have had no symptoms since I started Whole30!

The scales came out of hiding this week and I have lost 13 lbs!

My measurements are down by 2 inches.  The clothes I brought with me to Florida are much looser now.  I’ve had to buy some new clothes, and they are more form fitting for the first time in years.  I can tell my body is changing shape. (Unfortunately gravity is also affecting certain areas!)  I think a walking program and mild exercise need to find a place in my life.

My sleep patterns are still erratic…but I am getting more uninterrupted sleep. I have been waking up some days for the first time between 7 and 8. But I’m a lazy bum and prefer to doze back off. Overall, my energy levels are improving. I attribute all of these affects to my new food plan. All the more reason to stick with it for the long haul!

I’ll be back next week with more results from my Whole30!

What have you learned during your reintroduction?  Comment and let us know!

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