Starting The Whole30… Unprepared!

Starting The Whole30… Unprepared!

Starting The Whole30… Unprepared!

So… I had this on the calendar for weeks.  I’ve done two full Whole30s before, so I am not a rookie.  But starting The Whole30 unprepared… yeah, I am exhausted today.  I was not ready for this!  I came home yesterday from a weekend retreat with my team and realized all of the things I needed to do to be fully Whole30 ready and almost called it off.  But I didn’t… Because it is important.  And if I postpone it again, who knows when I will actually start.  So we are DOIN’ this.  

Starting The Whole30 Unprepared
It was a busy day, since we are starting The Whole30 unprepared!

But here was my list of things to make today:

Ghee, eggs, mayo and ranch are Whole30 staples in this house, and are made at the beginning of each week.  The quiche will give us breakfast for the next couple of days and I make a double batch of salmon patties for lunch today and a couple more days this week.  

In addition, I had to clean out the non-Whole30 compliant food from my pantry, fridge and cabinets and HIDE it. I really recommend getting the non-compliant food out of sight, and potentially out of the house.  I don’t throw much away (unless it will not last a month, like refrigerated items or opened cracker boxes and such), but I have asked a good friend to store a bag of food for me for a month.  It’s an odd request, but my friends are used to such things from me. 🙂  

So, today was a busy day.  All of that is a long way to say that even though we are starting the Whole30 unprepared, we are doing it again!  

We are doing The Whole30 again!

I’ll be posting my favorite recipes and tips, along with our experiences, here for the next four weeks. If you’d like to join us, I recommend checking out our previous round – starting here – for full meal plans with shopping lists and prep guides. I’ll also be posting some new info this week. So stay tuned…

Happy Whole30-ing!     

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