Filling My Cup

Filling My Cup

A draining week…

Boy, has it been a long week!  Traveling all last weekend, working more than full time all week, and simply not being able to keep up with all the demands around the house.  I mean, there are SO many toys lying around and clean clothes to fold.  I had plenty that I could do today.  I could probably have gotten the house cleaned, the laundry folded and the toys organized.  And I would’ve felt a sense of accomplishment.  (Until it got messy again… a 4 year old does live here, after all.)  But I did none of those things.  I focused on filling my cup instead.  

Because you cannot pour from an empty cup.  

I had coffee with my best friend this morning and got some great advice on my mindset.  I hung out with two of my closest friends this afternoon, ate an amazing lunch and helped them prepare for a consignment sale.  (Organizing things is kinda my jam…  Just not MY things, evidently.)  Then I got to have yummy thai food with my bestie  (and business partner) and her daughter, and then develop a 100 day plan for massive action in my business.  (Curious as to what I do?  Click here or here.)

Filling my cup = Spending time with my peeps.

I have lots of responsibilities that SEEM super pressing and important.  Plus I have big dreams on where I want to go.  I am sure clean dishes and a floor not littered with toy cars would add value to life, as would making strides towards accomplishing my goals.  But none of those are as important as spending time with my people, my tribe, my friends, my family.  They fill me up with contentment and purpose and peace.  I know they have my back, as I have theirs.  And once my cup is full, all of the rest just seems like gravy.  🙂

What have you done to fill your cup lately?  

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