2018 Whole30 – Week 2 Meal Plan

2018 Whole30 – Week 2 Meal Plan

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2018 Whole30 – Week 2 Meal Plan

Wow, was it a busy week!  Traveling twice this week sure did make Whole30 challenging!  I will admit that we strayed a bit from the menu, but stayed true to Whole30 nonetheless… headaches, low-energy and all!  If you are going through Whole30, especially for the first time, I highly recommend following the Whole30 timeline, outlined in the The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom (pages 32-41).  We made it through the “kill all the things” days.  Now we really do just want to take a nap.  While my reactions are lessened this round (as compared to the first one), I am continually amazed at how right-on the timeline is.  

This week brings some of the hardest days of the whole month.  Most people quit on days 10 or 11, so it’s important to eat some good food this week (and keep plenty of compliant snacks around)!  We are stocking up on larabars, bananas, nuts, nut butters, fresh fruit, cut veggies and many many kinds of hot tea.

Week 2 brings a few tried and true recipes, including braised beef short ribs – my husband’s personal favorite Whole30 meal ever, and a few newbies that I’m every excited about.  Umm… compliant Orange Chicken?  Yes, please.  

So here we go with the Week 2 Meal Plan!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Bacon and Egg Cups with sautéed apples with cinnamon Tuna or Egg Salad (with homemade mayo), cut veggies (with homemade ranch – same link as above, just scroll down) Braised Beef Short Ribs with Candied Carrots (roasted with dates) and Roasted Potatoes
Tuesday Warm Coconut Banana Bowl Leftover Short Ribs & salad Sautéed Chicken Apple Sausages, Peppers and Onions
Wednesday Grain-free Oatmeal Garden Salad with Hard-boiled Eggs Instant Pot Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce*
Thursday Leftover Bacon and Egg Cups Bilinski’s Chicken Sausages (heated up) with Spinach & TJ’s Deli Mustard Instant Pot Greek Chicken with Greek Salad
Friday Warm Coconut Banana Bowl Leftovers OR a Tuna or Egg Salad, cut veggies ranch Grass-fed Beef Burgers with Garlic Lime Sweet Potato Fries
Saturday Grain-free Oatmeal Leftovers OR Garden Salad with Hard-boiled eggs Orange Chicken & Cauliflower Fried Rice
Sunday Big Paleo Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Fresh Fruit & Avocado Paleo Pumpkin Chili Dinner Out

* I make my meat sauce by sautéing onions, garlic, and grass-fed beef, then adding a compliant tomato basil pasta sauce (make sure there is no sugar in there!).

Alright, remember why you are doing this Whole30 when times get tough this week!  Here are some reasons, in case you need reminding!  You can absolutely do this… it is only 30 days.

Also, I’d love to hear what your favorite meals are this week AND any suggestions for your favorite Whole30 recipes I haven’t found yet!  Please share!

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