The 411 on Forts and Spoons

The 411 on Forts and Spoons

What’s the 411 on Forts and Spoons?

411 on forts and spoons

Yep, it’s another mom blog.  

I am sure you have all been diligently waiting by your computer.  Hoping, nay, dreaming that one more mom would understand the huge void that exists on the world wide interweb for cogently-worded mom rants, thoughts, and advice that you did not ask for*.  I am here to make that dream come true.  

You are welcome. 

What nuggets of wisdom will I graciously share with you?

 Here is a sneak peek into the Forts and Spoons brain trust…

  • Conventional nutritional education is crap.  How did I make it to almost 40 before learning this?  A rant in iambic pentameter.  
  • There are 432,000 different types of wheat, evidently.  Some are good and some have built large lairs under volcanos and have a sidekick named Pinky.  So I make my pancakes with rice flour.  And protein.
  • Facebook is a minefield for those of us dealing with infertility.  So is television, radio, talking to people, and leaving the house.  
  • I think I just burned off my eyelashes using traditional window cleaner wipes.  Luckily, I found an amazing solution, and I don’t just mean false lashes.
  • How to reason with a toddler.  Or how to train a unicorn to drive a team of flying pigs.  Whichever seems more feasible.  
  • And whatever else the trolls that guard my neural pathways decide to allow to pass through…


As for the name…

Forts are pretty commonplace in the house of anyone with kids, and mine is no different. Being a boy mom means being able to make good blanket forts.  And spoons… I love to cook, and nutrition is a pretty big hobby of mine.  So let’s put those two things together and see what magic I can create!

So that is the info, the deets, the 411 on Forts and Spoons.  (Do I sound cool yet?)  But seriously, thanks for reading this far.  I hope you will continue to follow me** on this journey – my attempts at making life as a human, a woman, and a mom happier and healthier… and at least a little fun!   


*I know it should be “for which you did not ask”.  I am a grammar rebel.  Deal with it.  I also use two spaces between sentences.  

** I’m also on Facebook and instagram (@fortsandspoons) and post way more there!