Why Shaklee?

Why Shaklee?

So why am I a Shaklee Independent Distributor?

why shaklee
He is my why.

See that little nugget up there? He is why I do most things, but definitely why I started using Shaklee products. Becoming a mom is the best thing I have ever done. I know that sounds cheesy, and I was never one of those people who knew from a young age that they wanted to be a mom.  However,  I am one of the millions that battled infertility when my husband, Ricky, and I decided to have children. So the fact that we have the opportunity to be parents is something that we cherish every day. We feel it is our obligation to do everything in our power to make those days healthy and happy for our family.

I started using Shaklee because of their affordable, green cleaning products. I like that I can keep my house clean and my family away from toxic chemicals, all at the same time.  So I’ve continued my exploration of the Shaklee world because of the company’s focus on clean living, on good nutrition, on quality ingredients and on science. I appreciate the amount of money and time spent on research, development, and quality testing of Shaklee products. Basically, I feel that they are the best I can give my family to allow for more of those happy, healthy days.

Here are just a few reasons that I like and affiliate myself with Shaklee:

  • Shaklee has been around for 60 years and never had a product recall.  They are obsessive about testing their ingredients and products for quality and purity.
  • This company spends tons of money on research to make the safest and healthiest products.  
  • They were the first company to obtain Climate Neutral certification (to completely offset their CO2 emissions).  
  • Shaklee has a variety of incredible, useful product lines, including non-toxic cleaning products, nutrition programs, healthy weight loss programs, skin care products and more!
  • This company gives people the opportunity to run their own business helping others live healthier lives.  I think that part is incredibly cool.
  • Their cleaning products are the bomb and they are cheap (and I LOVE a good deal).  Like 1 penny for a bottle of window cleaner kind of cheap.  Nice, right?

For more information and to see what all Shaklee has to offer, visit my website at hunterzager.myshaklee.com.